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3D projection mapping design

Our creative team knows how to project your image in novel ways. Building on sophisticated projection systems, clever algorithms and thee-dimensional tracking, we go beyond the traditional building-façade-comes-to-live events. Custom applications on a smaller scale can “wow” customers or exhibition visitors, even on tighter budgets.

Animated objects

Whether the projection “screen” is a huge landmark, or a plastic sheet in the hands of an event visitor, the projection system will map visual content - video, motion graphics, animations - warped onto an object in 3D space. To create that content we offer full production services for every ingredient of the visual end result. Our specialists will also create a 3D representation of the object to project onto, and program the scripted timeline.

Bring in the tracker

When the projection is combined with laser trackers or tracking cameras, new interfacing possibilities emerge. The real-time tracking data are used to adjust the projected image, so that it accurately follows the object in X, Y, Z space. Clever software can even detect certain pre-determined movements, like a flipping or swiping motion, to navigate interactively through the audiovisual content.

Projection mapping
Projection mapping